The most simple way to subscribe to new content on is via EMail updates. Enter your email address in the form below, click on the confirmation link in the email you'll recieve seconds later, and your done.

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An alternative to email updates is to subscribe to my page via RSS.
This is usually more convenient than getting zillions of page updates via email. On the other hand you need a feed reader for that (Luckily most current browsers support RSS directly).

The question is what feed you would like to subscribe, as Drupal -- my content management system -- provides various RSS feeds for almost everything (like specific tags, content types, ...).
I think most people should go for the whole page feed. That way you won't miss new stuff.

If you would like to subscribe to just one tag (say "OS X"), simply click on it and you will see a list of that tag's articles. Additionally most browsers will now display an RSS-Feed indicator in the address bar or status bar on the bottom of your browser's window. Click on it and you're probably done.

Available feeds:


I'm using Twitter to post little status messages throughout the day. Feel free to hop over to my profile and start following me.


I use to bookmark interesting pages I see throughout the day. It's a bit like, but has some additional features. For example it stores a copy of the bookmarked page just in case it disappears after a while. Regrettably ma.gnolia neglected to make backups and lost all bookmarks... :(