Life Pro Tip

Life Pro Tips: Three-Finger Dictionary Lookup

Probably every reader of this little blog has the plugin for OS X’s dictionary app installed. I just realized that you could do a dictionary lookup for words in nearly every OS X application with your fingertips.

Move your mouse cursor to the respective word you would like to look up and touch your track pad with three fingers (like you would do a right click with two fingers). Bam. A small overlay window with the translation and a link to Wikipedia flashes up.

How to pair Amazon Fire TV remote with Apple MacBook

I have an Amazon Fire TV with its sleek remote control and like the simplicity of both the Fire TV and the remote. The remote control has only a few buttons and is quite easy to use with the the Fire TV’s menu, as well as with other applications, such as Kodi (formaly known as XBMC). Furthermore, the remote uses Bluetooth instead of infrared to communicate with the Fire TV. Hence, you don’t need a direct line of sight between the remote and the Fire TV.

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