Drupal updates

I'm using Drupal to power this site. It's not as user-friendly as -- let's just say WordPress -- but very powerful and easily extendable through well-designed PHP modules or even rude hacks inside your posts.

One nice feature for site admins is its status report page: At a glance you can check if your Drupal installation is in good shape, when the last cron maintenance tasks was run, and how many form submissions were blocked by CAPTCHAs.

Cheating Woopra to run on OS X/Intel 32bit

Woopra is a website analysis service that allows webmasters to monitor various statistics, and track and interact with individual users in real-time. This article covers how the Woopra client can be installed on some unsupported plattforms.

While installing the server side installation is easy as pie and done by inserting some lines of HTML in the site template, installing the Woopra client can be tricky. At least on Linux or OS X boxes.


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