Updated: dict.cc german-english plugin for Dictionary.App

I just finished a new -- the second public -- version of the dict.cc german-english translation plug-in for Dictionary.App

Besides a recent snapshot of dict.cc's database I incorporated a number of smaller and bigger changes. Updating is advised, although the space requirements went up to 300MB.

Go ahead and download the current version.
Have fun.

Get the install package

Check out the list of changes after the break...


My MacBook (first series) started to suck recently. It's getting two years old this week. Maybe the internal death-clock has started to tick...

When switching windows under OS X, more precisely when I bring another window in front, the previously hidden areas of the window are sometimes filled with random pixel garbage. This happens infrequently (say once or twice a day) and the areas are rendered correctly after a fraction of a second. Nonetheless it looks trashy and has never happened before. Maybe it's caused by 10.5.2...

MacFUSE - use additional filesystems in OS X

Sometimes you need access to filesystems that are not natively supported by your operating system. For example when you need to access an weirdly formatted external drive.

To integrate support for a new filesystem, you normally need special binary drivers that are loaded into your kernel. This usually involves a reboot and some security issues, as the filesystem driver runs with the same privileges as the kernel itself.

But wait. FUSE is a convenient alternative to kernel-based filesystem drivers. FUSE stands for "Filesystem in Userspace" and makes installing, using, and developing filesystems really easy.

Some filesystem icons


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