Web-based Quality Management Game

Understanding the basic concepts of production planning and control is easy – grasping their complex interrelationships is hard.

We are currently developing a business simulation game aimed at conveying aspects of production planning and control and quality management that should accompany lectures and exercises at our university.

As we want to understand what people like you think about this game-based approach we kindly ask you to participate in a user study on the game. This study is composed of three parts:

  • First, a survey capturing demographics and personal attitudes.
  • Second, you can play around with the current prototype of the game.
  • Third and final, a last survey capturing your evaluation of the game.

Every participant of the study has the chance of winning one of two 25€ (or equivalent) Amazon gift certificates. It shouldn't take longer than 20min. Your chances increase with your performance in the game.

Good luck and have fun!

Link to the game:
Quality Management Game (web-based, free)

Greetings, philipp