The many faces of (digital) Game-Based Learning in Manufacturing and Business

In a recent conference talk at the International Conference on Competitive Manufacturing I presented how Serious Games and Business Simulation Games can be used to

  • Understand task relevant human factors
  • Measure aptitude and potential of employees
  • Train prospective or current employees
  • and as a benchmark for evaluating user interfaces

To validate these keen assumptions, we developed a set of serious games. Currently, we are evaluating a fascinating game about production planning and control (PPC) and quality management (QM). You can support us by participating and playing two rounds of "Quality-Intelligence Game" right in your browser (the game is in german, though):

Link to the game:
(free, no downloads, in german, closed, but you can put yourself on a waitinglist)

The slides of the conference talk can be found here and additional details can be found in the conference's proceedings:

Brauner, P., Ziefle, M.: How to train employees, identify task-relevant human factors, and improve software systems with Business Simulation Games. In: Dimitrov, D. and Oosthuizen, T. (eds.) Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Competitive Manufacturing 2016 (COMA ’16). pp. 541–546. CIRP, Stellenbosch, South Africa (2016). (on researchgate)