Dict.cc Plugin for OS X discontinued

Apple finally decided to include an english-german dictionary with the newest version of Mac OS X 10.11 “El capitan”. I cannot yet judge whether Apple’s dataset can compete with the collective power of the active dict.cc community, but as maintaining my plugin for the same purpose got increasingly difficult through the exponential growth of the database, I decided to discontinue the dict.cc plugin. You can still download the plugin via this site or directly at dict.cc, but new versions will not be released.

Thanks for way over a million downloads! And thanks to everybody who has acknowledged this work either through comments, personal emails, banner clicks, or even sending a gift via PayPal. I really appreciated it.

I case you did not see the dictionary: Open Dictionary.App (aka. Lexikon), then open the preferences (CMD+”,”), and select “Oxford German Dictionary (Deutsch-Englisch)”. Several other dictionaries and languages were also added.

Do you like it? Writing, testing and maintaining this packages take quite some time. Consider donating a hot cup of coffee or a book if you use them frequently. Thanks!