dict.cc Deutsch-Englisch Plugin updated

I just updated the dict.cc "Deutsch Englisch" plugin for OS X. It requires Mac OS X 10.6 and offers instant access to over a million entries.

Older versions of Mac OS X are not supported. However you can try your luck. If it doesn't work you can still use the old version of the dictionary which offers merely 500.000 entries.

I also checked if my script is able to build packages for dict.cc dictionaries besides Englisch German and it does. As a proof of concept you can download the dictionary for german italian (Deutsch Italienisch). However I do not support this package and I will not offer packages for other languages. The sources are attached. Feel free to build you own packages... :)

Languages Entries last update Compatibility
Deutsch-Englisch 1.029.390 2011-05-25 Mac OS X 10.6
(Snow Leopard)
Deutsch-Englisch 528.637 2008-05-27 Mac OS X 10.5
68.378 2011-05-25 Mac OS X 10.6
(Snow Leopard)

Check out the download page.

Frequently asked questions

Why are versions prior to Mac OS X 10.6 not supported?

I'am not able to test and appropriately support systems that I don't use myself.


  • Try your luck. One most systems the new version should run fine.
  • Download the Mac OS X 10.5 version from here. It still features over 500.000 translations.
  • Grab the source code and the OS X developer tools and build the dictionary on your own.

How can I uninstall the dictionary?

The dictionary is installed either in /Library/Dictionaries/ (it was installed for all users) or /Users/YOU/Library/Dictionaries/ (installed only for a specific user). Just go into that directory and delete the dictionaries you no longer want to use.

Will you offer packages for other languages?

No. I can't support packages that I do not use frequently by myself. Feel free to grab the source and build the packages on your own.

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