Visor - hot-key accessible terminal window

Warning: Geek Tip! Visor pimps Mac OS X' so that a terminal window slides onto your screen at the push of a button.

Screenshot of Visor in action

If you use a command line on a regular basis this tool really comes handy. Just press a user definable hot-key and a Quake-like terminal window slides out of your menu bar (mine is ALT+SPACE -- similar to Spotlight's COMMAND+SPACE). Press it again and the terminal slides out of your screen again -- of course without quitting running tasks. Ideal if you just want to issue a ping, scp, svn or whatever quickly.

About two years ago I already wrote about Visor. However it was incompatible with Leopard so I lost sight of it after I upgraded. It took some time but the project is now fully compatible with Leopard's Terminal.App (including Tabs etc.). Also quite some annoying bugs like the ever growing terminal were fixed.

Grap your copy here and follow the installation instructions. It's really a time-saver for command line freaks.

Update: When using Tabs you can even drag them and create a conventional terminal window. Dragging them back to your Slider is not possible, however.

Update 2: I'm using iTerm2 now. It supports a fullscreen terminal and user-definable hot-key to. Check it out here.