World Of Goo

How could I miss "World Of Goo" -- it is such an awesome game!

In the past I wrote about two incredible games [#48] and Crayon Physics Deluxe (in [#73]). The first is about steering a cuddly gum bull through different mazes by slinging it from one knob to the next. The latter uses a physics simulation engine to provide a game environment that behaves predictable and more or less natural when solving the games puzzles. World Of Goo combines both concepts.

Screenshot from World of Goo

Your job is to construct bridges, ramps, or towers from goo balls to help them to get to a pipe which acts as a levels goal. These balls stick together when dragged next to each other and can thereby form a grid which is calculated by a Mass and Spring simulation. If your bridge gets too long or your tower gets too high your structure will eventually collapse. Before that it usually start swinging around and if your quick enough, you can fix your design by adding supporting Goo balls.

Throughout the game new types of Goo is introduced. Your first Goo balls will always stick together once they have been combined, other types are detachable or lightweight, so that they can uplift long bridges.

The game features a very nice soundtrack and sound effects that accentuate the cuteness of the Goo balls. Background images and the visual design resembles the look of Tim Burton movies.

The games usability is quite good. You don't have to read a manual or lots of introductory screens as the game unfolds from level to level. And before adding another Goo ball to your structure you get visual feedback indicating how the structure will look like.

Bonus: To finish a level you have to bring a number of Goo balls to the exit pipe. Every surplus ball of Goo is collected in a Bonus level. Your job there is to build a tower as high as possible. If connected to the net you can compare the height of your tower with the towers of other people. Nice challenge.

That also encourages users to play levels multiple times. At first you just want to finish a level to get to the next. Later you might want to collect as many balls as possible to build an even higher tower in the bonus level. There's even a special bonus for each level that you can get if you finish under a specific time, collect a specific number of balls, etc.. But I haven't archived this once, yet.

The trailer shows some game play footage but fails to give an adequate impression of the actual gameplay. Therefore I highly recommend downloading the free demo available for Windows, Linux, OS X, and Nintendo Wiiiiiiii.

Link: World Of Goo

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