Jumpcut - Extend your clipboard

How often have you lost some piece of text in your clipboard by overwriting it with something else? Did you ever wanted to copy multiple paragraphs but leave out some text in between in one single step? Maybe Jumpcut for OS X can help.

Icon of JumpcutJumpcut enhances your normal clipboard by providing more than one single space to store text snippets. 20 by default, but that's up to you. Just Cut & Copy as you always do and Jumpcut will collect the snippets for you. The last entry can be pasted in just as usual.

The magic comes in when you want to paste in something copied earlier:
Just press a user definable shortcut (Ctrl + Command + Alt + V a.k.a. everything + V is mine), skim through your clipboard, and select the appropriate entry. Additionally, you can click on the menu bar icon to get a list of all text snippets.

Jumpcut is very small and quite useful. You should give it a try.

P.S.: What's extra cool about Jumpcut is that your clipboard can be saved to disk and restored after your next login. If you use this feature, be sure not to copy passwords and other sensitive information.

P.P.S.: The copying of multiple paragraphs as depicted above still requires multiple steps, but at least there's no more need for switching windows while doing so.