Updated: dict.cc german-english plugin for Dictionary.App

I just finished a new -- the second public -- version of the dict.cc german-english translation plug-in for Dictionary.App

Besides a recent snapshot of dict.cc's database I incorporated a number of smaller and bigger changes. Updating is advised, although the space requirements went up to 300MB.

Go ahead and download the current version.
Have fun.

Get the install package

Check out the list of changes after the break... Links:
I added links on the lower right of each dictionary page that point to dict.cc's page, the the online version of the current entry, and a link to look out for an update of the plug-in (you may also subscribe to the newsletter).
The links to the online version of the entry, to dict.cc, and to an update-check currently only work in Dictionary.App. They're still displayed in the Widget and this may lead to confusion...

Page aggregation:
Similar entries are now rendered into one page. This fixes issues with the widget and the mini dictionary-window (Strg+Command+D).

Please contact me when you encounter entries with multiple footers. These are multiple entries aggregated to one page by Dictionary.App, which means that you'll have troubles accessing them in the Widget.

Index keys:
Entries are usually found via index keys. I tweaked the algorithm for generating these index keys and it's starting to behave like expected...
There's still some room for improvement.

Changed label:
Some commenters requested to change the label from dict.cc to something more descriptive. I've chosen "dict.cc DE-EN". You can change this with a right-click on the label.

Updated vocabulary:
The current data-set was used to create the dictionary. 528,637 entries are available.

Any ideas?
Do you have any ideas for further enhancements?
Feel free to ask and we'll see what I can do about it.