dict.cc Dictionary Plugin: Stay informed

Several people have asked me if the dict.cc Dictionary.App Plugin will update itself and how often new releases will be published.

Answering the first question is easy: The plugin does not and probably will not contain an automatic update mechanism. In contrast to applications, that can actively look out for updates, this plugin is basically a bunch of static HTML files without any own intelligence. That's the downside of fitting perfectly into many OS X services (Have you tried Ctrl+Command+"D" on a selected word yet?) .

However, I've set up a newsletter that you can subscribe* to. I will sporadically update the plugin and post a quick note to all subscribers.

*I hate Spam as much as you do. Therefore I will not distribute your email addresses and I will not spam you. I promise. The second question is a tricky one. How often should the dictionary data be updated?
dict.cc's dictionary evolved over several years and is already pretty sophisticated. On the other hand new words are added daily, but they usually belong to specific field of interest. I believe an update every couple of month is adequate. Drop me an email if you think the plugins vocabulary is outdated or leave a comment if you have a good idea how updates might be scheduled.

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hi i couldn't believe it when i saw the cc-dict installer for offline translation - fantastic! unfortunately, the installer gives the following message: "the installer could not validate the contents of the 'dictccdeutschenglishdictionary' package. contact the software manufacturer for assistance..." so i am! any tips for installing? mac os 10.5.2 iMac intel thanks in advance : )

p.s. sorry - i couldn't find your email address on your site, hence the comment...

dict.cc..03-15.pkg does not install on my MacBook 10.5.2.: Installer can not verify....... What is wrong?

Hi! Something is wrong with the download package. will be fixed soon. I'll post a comment when it's done. Thanks for the note.