The days are getting shorter and leafs fall off the trees. Winter's coming.
Time to lean back, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and relax by playing a nice and peaceful game. Winterbells is perfect for that.

Screenshot Winterbells
Screenshot 'Winterbells'

Happy holidays!

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Each birdie doubles your score, so catch them and your highscore will explode exponentially. I currently have 1384800 points. You need just some practice to break this. Have fun.

huhu ihrs , habe schon 275660 glöckchen gescored! und eure hasen??? LG

jetzt hat die schewwie 500 000 und meeeehr und fast den lipflip geknackt.... harharhar

Kind of difficult with my powerbook's touchpad. I'll have to give it a try with a mouse tomorrow at work ;-)

habe bei dem spiel 12560381628214618 Punkte gehaun