Powerful replacement for the calculator widget

The OS X Dashboard (and all similar implementations for Windows, Unix, ...) is great for little tasks like looking up a word in a dictionary, or doing simple calculations with a calculator.
Regrettably the calculator widget shipped with OS X 10.4 is really bad. It doesn't honor the regular order of operations, thus entering 1+1*2 leads to 4 instead of 3, and it's very limited in functionality.

Three Terrific Terminals Tipps

Ok. This post is definitely a bit geeky. I'll present you three (and a half) tips for working with the command line on Mac OS X.

I love Mac OS X for two things. At first it has an easy to use interface that's overstuffed with useless eye-candy. Secondly – contrary to Windows – it features an underlaying mature FreeBSD-like kernel and all the standard tools like ssh, grep and Perl.

Color Oracle

About 8-9% of all men and 1% of all women are “color-blind” (reference). If you ignore this while designing an application or website you're ignoring nearly 4 million people in germany alone.

But how can one check whether the application/site is useable by everyone?


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