Has anyone seen my Bluetooth cable?

[img:1 align=center title=”Cable unplugged. The cable for the Bluetooth PAN is not plugged in.”]

Volltanken und Sprit sparen!

Manchmal ist es doch so einfach:
Zum Sprit sparen einfach mal ins Ausland fahren…

Gefunden auf Spiegel Online

Bloopers: Dear Finder

Dear Finder,
can you please tell me which copy operation failed?

Finder message that conceals vital information
Finder message that conceals vital information

I had multiple copy operations running in parallel and one of them failed. But which?

I had to remember the files I wanted to copy and manually check which of them had made it the target drive…

Find germany

So who screwed this one up?

A list of countries: Gambia, Georgia, Deutschland, Ghana, Gibraltar
Found on

It's actually a good idea to sort a list with > 200 entries alphabetically, but please be sure to use the actual label for sorting.

Blooper: Deleting a negative number of files

How long does it take to delete a negative number of files?

OS X deletion message indicating a negative number of files to delete.


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