Mind the dot

I never would have thought that I’ll have to program in Smalltalk one day. I know Java and PHP quite well and compared to them Smalltalk – or specifically Squeak in my case – is awesome and very weird at the same time.

Logo if SqueakOkay, I just have to write a little wrapper layer, still I have to deal with sockets programming, implementing a Singleton, and a bit exception handling. Pretty basic if you’re an experienced Smalltalk programmer, but quite a challenge if you’re not.

I’ve learned some interesting things about the language and its development environment and I thought I share it with you. This isn’t a complete Smalltalk roundup, just some notes. Feel free to add stuff in the comments and check out www.squeak.org.

Squeak and Smalltalk is definitely worth a look, it’s actually an easy but powerful first-contact programming language, so don’t be frightened by my technical gibberish below.

Porn sites used for solving CAPTCHAS

About nine month ago I wrote an article about funny CAPTCHAS (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) floating around the web.

As a little remark I pointed out that CAPTCHAS might be a temporary solution against comment spamming, automatic account generation, and so on, but that these might easily be bypassed with some cheap tricks:


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