Has anyone seen my Bluetooth cable?

[img:1 align=center title=”Cable unplugged. The cable for the Bluetooth PAN is not plugged in.”]

RelatedMail plugin

Let’s make it a productivity week. tuaw resp. Hawk Wings just spit out Related Mail, a very useful extension for Apple’s build-in Mail application.

Getting Things Done - for real

Getting Things Done. The Art of Stress-Free ProductivityMany of you will know David Allen’s famous book “Getting Things Done – The Art of Stress-Free Productivity”. It discusses a number of techniques that should help you to stay focused on your work and avoid being sucked into mental clutter and physical chaos.
Many of his tips are plain simple, but you have to adopt them into your daily working habits nonetheless. This is where the trouble begins.

Updated: dict.cc german-english plugin for Dictionary.App

I just finished a new – the second public – version of the dict.cc german-english translation plug-in for Dictionary.App

Besides a recent snapshot of dict.cc’s database I incorporated a number of smaller and bigger changes. Updating is advised, although the space requirements went up to 300MB.

Go ahead and download the current version.
Have fun.

Get the install package

Check out the list of changes after the break…

Happy birthday

exactly one year ago, on May 27th, 2007, the first article was published on lipflip.org. Roundabout 70 blog posts followed and I’m not planning to retire.

I don’t know how many readers have been attracted by my site in total, but I know that the number of visitors has been skyrocket since the publishing of some articles that were well received by other sites.


My MacBook (first series) started to suck recently. It’s getting two years old this week. Maybe the internal death-clock has started to tick…

The psychology of money

PsyBlog published a nice article about the psychology of money.

Obviously money is a great way to trade stuff and services. Imagine how difficult it’ll get if you’re trying to trade food by offering your experiences as a web designer or politician. But there’s more going on with money than just its practical use and the article lists some interesting psychological effects.

Widget: Minutes

There are some widgets that are plain simple and super-useful. Minutes is one of them.

Screenshot of Minutes

Minutes is a nifty countdown timer that alerts you at a specific time (e.g. 18:31) or after some period of time has passed (alert me in 7 minutes).

Volltanken und Sprit sparen!

Manchmal ist es doch so einfach:
Zum Sprit sparen einfach mal ins Ausland fahren…

Gefunden auf Spiegel Online

Vector Wars

Vector Wars is a nice little Arcade Shooter. Protect your spaceship that is attacked by zillions of most diverse enemies.

Avoid colliding with them by steering your ship with the cursor keys and blast them out of your way with your mouse-controlled hypergun that permanently increases its firepower.

Screenshot of Vector Wars

Play Vector Wars!


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