Deutschland gegen Deutschland

Heute wird um 20:45 in Wien das EM-Spiel Deutschland gegen Österreich angepfiffen. Viele Fußball-Anhänger erinnern sich bei dieser Konstellation an die Begegnung in Córdoba, Argentinien, von 1978, bei der Deutschland mit 2:3 unterlag und ausschied.

Ich schreib’ über Fußball? Nein! Ich will an dieser Stelle nur kurz auf einen Clip vom Satiriker-Duo Stermann und Grissemann verweisen, die als nach Argentinien ausgewanderte Altnazis das Spiel Deutschland gegen Deutschland kommentieren.

Apple addicted?

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2008 is just about to begin with one of the famous “Stevenotes” – Steve Jobs presenting new stuff from Apple and bringing light into the darkness of all the rumors floating around the web for weeks.

Zillions of Apple fans sitting in front of their computer and constantly checking for the latest news and updates are pushing websites and services like TUAW or Twitter to the limits of scalability.

Am I a fanboy, too? Maybe. I just took the test.

Getting Things Done - for real

Getting Things Done. The Art of Stress-Free ProductivityMany of you will know David Allen’s famous book “Getting Things Done – The Art of Stress-Free Productivity”. It discusses a number of techniques that should help you to stay focused on your work and avoid being sucked into mental clutter and physical chaos.
Many of his tips are plain simple, but you have to adopt them into your daily working habits nonetheless. This is where the trouble begins.

Updated: german-english plugin for Dictionary.App

I just finished a new – the second public – version of the german-english translation plug-in for Dictionary.App

Besides a recent snapshot of’s database I incorporated a number of smaller and bigger changes. Updating is advised, although the space requirements went up to 300MB.

Go ahead and download the current version.
Have fun.

Get the install package

Check out the list of changes after the break…


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